Employment Advisor / Inclusion Worker

What is the role

Support people to find suitable work, explore what skills and abilities they have and connect them with employers and training providers.

What does it involve

  • Talking to people about their abilities, interests and goals
  • Assessing their skills and abilities
  • Finding learning and work opportunities for people
  • Supporting people to overcome barriers to employment
  • Helping people to find jobs
  • Advising people about the support they can get to help them in their job, for example special equipment or travel
  • Supporting people with their CV and applications building relationships with local employers, colleges and training providers

Salary range

from £28,686 to £35,000

Entry qualifications required

If you’re applying for an entry level role such as an employment advisor admin or assistant, your employer might ask that you have qualifications showing good English and number skills. For
more experienced roles you might need a qualification or a degree in a relevant subject such as careers guidance or advocacy.

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